The Song Is…

Marianne Szlyck’s blog, The Song Is.., features me with four poems, two from Ghost Light, one a reprint, and another a small poem (with a long title) that I hope helps divert you from your own pain and drama if only for a moment. 


“Bone Depot”

Trouvaille Review will be publishing “Bone Depot” (which also appears in GHOST LIGHT) on September 12. This one bridges the gap between my speculative and non-speculative work.

New Acceptances

One of my rare instances of a formal poem, “Hospice Sonnet,” has been accepted for the September issue of Not Very Quiet; and “Canvas,” “Act V,” and “Late Afternoon in Socrates Sculpture Park” have been accepted by Newtown Literary. 

New poetry book out from Alien Buddha Press!

Delighted to announce that my new book, “Ghost Light,” a non-speculative quarantine journal in verse (but not solely about the coronavirus), has just hit the internet. You can order a copy from you know who for $10.44 at this link:


Big news!

Thrilled to announce that “Ghost Light,” my collection of poems centered on the pandemic and recent events, will soon be published by Alien Buddha Press. Thank you, Red Fochs, for this tremendous opportunity!

Poem on Trouvaille Review

My little poem, “Resurrection,” about my dog Gershwin (based on an actual dream), is now pardon the expression live at Trouvaille Review. A happy coincidence as this is the birthday of my other dog, Ceili. 

Recent Acceptances and Publications

I’ve been busy writing and submitting non-speculative poetry during the pandemic. Here’s what’s been newly published:

 “Fading to Sepia” – Frost Meadow Review

“sparrow courtship” and “The Amateur Astronomer’s Wedding” – Alien Buddha Gets Rejected (available on Amazon)

These poems have received acceptances:

The Song Is… : “Memorial Day, 5/25/20,” “The Boat,” “The Word”, “After the Dentist….”

Trouvaille Review : “Resurrection”

Alien Buddha Press – garden poems: “Seeds of Love”

Alien Buddha Press – horror collection: “Suicide Forest”

Verse-Virtual: “Love-School,” “Peeling an Orange”