NYC Poetry Festival

I’ll be hosting a table for Sycorax Press and Flutter Press, sharing with poet Marianne Szlyk.  Marianne is a professor of English at Montgomery College, an associate poetry editor for Potomac Review, and a member of the DC Poetry Project. She also edits The Song Is…, a blog-zine for poetry and flash fiction inspired by music, especially jazz.  She’s the author of I Dream of Empathy and other books.

Readercon Spec Poetry Reading

On Saturday, July 14, 10: a.m., “Imagination All Compact” will take place in Blue Hills.  I’ll be leading a discussion of speculative poetry followed by readings by Mike Allen, Sara Cleto, Carlos Hernandez, Brittany Warman and myself. 


My new fairy tale for adults, “The King of Harps,” is now up on Mirror Dance’s summer issue, along with  other wonderful things, including poems by Alexandra Seidel and John Sexton.  I love the illustration by Polish artist Edward Okun.

Sycorax Press Web Site is Live

My new small press devoted to fantasy poetry, Sycorax Press, now has a web site.   Slated for publication this summer are two single-poet collections:  DAME EVERGREEN, AND OTHER POEMS OF MYTH, MAGIC & MADNESS by Rebecca Buchanan and THE YEAR OF THE WITCH by Shannon Connor Winward.  I’ll keep everyone posted when they become available.

Welcome to the new and improved web site!

First news to report:  “Elegies of the Winter-Born Whales” (poem) has been accepted by Liminality, a magazine I love!